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Sweden Eco - natural and organic skin care by Rosenserien

Sweden Eco by Rosenserien brings to the United Kingdom, the best kept secret in Scandinavian organic and natural skin care. It contains essential rose oil and has a base of certified and fair trade aloe vera gel, Chinese green tea and vegetable oils.

All products are free from animal and synthetic ingredients, parabens, alcohol and mineral oils. All our ingredients are 100% from natural origins and most of the products have more than 75% organic certified ingredients.

In the eighties our Swedish founders Laine Nilsson and Agneta Törnqvist created the Sweden Eco range under the name Rosenserien, as a natural and sustainable skin care and beauty line of products.

The products are still developed in accordance with the same philosophy, based on high-quality natural and organic ingredients. Our business idea is still based on small scale production, which allows us to constantly monitor that the Sweden Eco product range lives up to strict standards. We follow the same philosophy all the way, from selecting our organic ingredients to the careful preparation.

Sweden Eco has grown into one of Sweden´s leading organic skincare brands and is sold by therapists, beauticians, health food stores and spas throughout Sweden and is now coming to the UK.

Below are some of the more popular products back in Sweden, including a lip balm which contains no petroleum products and deodorant without aluminium chloride and the popular rose water toner.



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