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Sweden Eco and the Environment

Sweden Eco cares about the environment and our planet. All our packaging is recyclable, made from toxin-free plastic and uses environmentally friendly inks. Sweden Eco is a climate smart choice as the products are concentrated and long lasting. This in turn makes the volumes smaller and less transportation is required; reducing carbon emissions. With organically grown ingredients, we are helping the environment, for the consumer, for the farmer and for the planet.

Environmental and climate friendly reasons to choose Sweden Eco products:

  • Based on organicaly grown plants and herbs
  • Recyclable packaging
  • No unneccesary water is added to the products*
  • The base of most of the products is fair trade certified aloe vera gel
  • Not tested on animals, either in or raw materials or finished product
  • Mild scent without synthetic perfume (suitable for most fragrance allergy sufferers)
  • No synthetic, alchohol, animal or minerial oil based ingredients (except beeswax)

* No water added in the products is very unusual for skin care. Water is not dangerous in itself, but to use large amounts of water has major implications for our environment, as well as product quality. The water in general skin care products have a large impact in terms of transportation and packing requirements. In addition, more preservatives are needed the more water a product contains.

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